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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The story of Vanilla Bridge

Welcome to Vanilla Bridge! And so the story goes; my great grandmother Walker lived on a farm up in rural Fannin County in a town called Bonham, TX. We had moved to Texas in 1970 and had begun making our trek from the Mesquite area to see my great-grandmother from time to time. I absolutely loved going there! I could smell them now! Warm Vanilla Cookies.  Oh, how the senses raced just knowing that some good ole'southern country cookin was waiting and warm vanilla cookies. 

 However, getting those cookies meant going across...[insert scary music] "the bridge".  

(this is not the actual bridge and it
 doesn't even come close to how scary it was)

I can still see it now, off in the distance, looming, creaking, shifting! Never mind that it had these huge massive steal supports! You know the kind you can literally count on! Nope, never mind that, because as night fall fell, my dad would get the biggest kick out of stopping on that bridge, turning the car off and the lights too!!! My sister and I would let out the loudest, blood curdling screams you could ever imagine! The kind of screams, I'm sure, that would make your skin crawl; hey...ours was! After a few minutes of torture and laughter by my dad, he would turn the car lights back on and away we would go; off to my great-grandmother's house...and those warm vanilla cookies.

I hope you enjoy my blog. While I realize I'm probably a minority here, what, being over the age of 40 and all. I felt I needed to create a place for my stories, thoughts or just silly rants. I promise to keep things real and to try really hard not to get too sweet. Life is real, life is hard, but our "joy comes in the morning".

Love to all,

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