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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall morning and quiet time

My morning routine usually starts at 4:30 a.m. I didn't even realize this was possible until my 7 year old niece came to live with us back in February.  However, when you have to get up and get ready for work and then get a child ready for school, you do what you must in order to make the morning run as peaceful as possible...if you're not a morning person. Here's how it goes; the alarm goes off, I hit snooze for 7 minutes and slumber a while longer; the alarm goes off, I hit snooze for 7 minutes and slumber a while longer , the alarm goes off, I hit snooze for 7 more minutes and then realize I am approaching the point of rushing thru my morning and I must get up...because I'm not a morning person and don't rush the process. I get up, go press the start button on the coffee pot and head towards the shower where I often times shower with my eyes closed (still trying to wake up). We have two sets of lights in our bathroom; the big Hollywood lights (hate) and a lovely can light over the bathtub (also hate).  I choose to shower with the less of the two evil set of lights; the can light.  Once I'm done with my shower my brain is more awake and I can tolerate the bright Hollywood lights (that I hate). I lotion up, put my deodorant on, facial moisturizer and get dressed in my "put make-up on attire" (grubby t-shirt and shorts, I know, sexy).  I saunter to the kitchen to let the dogs outside, pour my coffee, prepare dogs food, let dogs back inside, feed dogs and now, my morning routine has officially begun. For the next hour (yes, I said hour...don't judge) I get ready with makeup and hair. Once this task has been completed I go wake precious Natalie up with a tickle and a song (most days that is...until I've hit the snooze button one too many times).  Once she's dressed and ready we're out the door.  All these things take place in the time span of about 2.5 hours (no judgement I said). By 7:30 we are rushing out the door (literally) in order to avoid the "drop-off" traffic of her school. That is my "normal" morning routine, Monday thru Sunday (weekends can vary by activity, but my mornings are always time driven).  Until today.

Today is Tuesday, November 23, 2010, the sky is clear, the air is a crisp 68 degrees and the winds are calm.  Today, I got to sleep in until 7:30 and Natalie is still asleep because I let her stay up an hour later than her normal bedtime of 8:30.  Why? Because I am officially on vacation. Today, I finally got to go at my pace which is somewhat equivalent to that of a turtle.  I know, turtle doesn't quite have the appeal of a snail for "snails pace", but I move just a tad quicker than a snail in the morning.  Sorry, I digressed. So this morning, I got to enjoy "my" breakfast that "I" got to make in my "own" kitchen. I love breakfast, it is by far my favorite meal.  Sorry, again I digressed.  After I enjoy my breakfast and some quite time with "Time" magazine, I poured my favorite cup of coffee; Einstein's Vanilla Hazelnut, flavored just right with French Vanilla Creamer and three teaspoons of sugar (don't judge).  Suddenly an idea; go grab your big fluffy, warm hot pink robe that hubby bought me for Christmas and sip coffee outside and enjoy the "morning". What's that you say? I said, enjoy the morning...outside.  So I did.

I wrapped myself up in my warm, fluffy, hot pink robe, grabbed my perfectly made cup of Joe and took all three of our lovely dogs outside.  I pulled up a chair, sat down and began to sip.  As I enjoyed this blissful moment of quiet and peace I looked up and started taking it all in. The cool crisp air of fall, the beautiful gold and red colors of the leaves, the birds flying up above and my cup of Joe.  Why do they call it Joe by the way? Hmmm...another entry for another day.  Today, God gave me a gift.  The beautiful gift of quiet and peace, cool air and precious dogs...and still, Natalie is asleep.  Awe...morning never tasted so good.  Thank you Lord for this very rare, very quiet, very special moment.  A moment that only you can give dear Lord.  A moment I that will soon pass come Monday morning, but a moment nonetheless, made by you. Thank you Lord for this moment; my fall morning and quiet time. Peace.

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